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For ARTWORK CREATED BY US: Art work created by our team is the property of NavalTees, LLC.,, and its subsidiaries and may NOT be printed, duplicated or altered by anyone without our written permission.

Sample designs for custom screen printing projects sent to the customer from us may be routed to the appropriate personnel within their organization for the purpose of review of the design, as long as the sample art sheet is not modified or altered in anyway. We may use any design we illustrate for resale, wholesale, distribution, marketing, portfolio, etc., at anytime, unless otherwise agreed to.

For ARTWORK NOT CREATED BY US: The customer submitting art work to us, agrees that they have followed all copyright laws, have permission to duplicate and/or distribute the art, and have the authority to authorize us to print the artwork and use it in portfolios or marketing materials for the purpose of promoting our company's services. In some cases, different artistic interpretations of submitted designs and concepts may be used for resale by NavalTees, LLC.,, and its subsidiaries.

Through the years many bogus companies, mostly overseas, have copied our designs and sold them illegally to unsuspecting customers. If it looks like our design but your're not at or at the NEX, then be careful, chances are you're giving your money away to an unlicensed company who most likely has never served a day in the military or could care less about our vets. We're Veteran Owned. Our team is comprised of veterans and veteran family members, all citizens of the USA. We print all our products in the USA, in our Leonardtown Maryland facility.

Please spread the word, let your friends and family know, be careful not to buy products thru bogus companies who ripoff our designs.

We appreciate our loyal customers and without you we wouldn't be able to continue doing what we do. Thanks for your support over the years. - Staff

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